• Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

How Covid-19 is Affecting Your Lashes

The Novel Corona Virus has affected so many parts of our lives- how and where we work, how we school, shop and if there will be supplies to purchase once we arrive at the store.

E-commerce has not been spared. Businesses like Lash-Attraction have seen delays in shipping speeds and even some supply chain and content disruption.

Whenever stocks are low - or at “re-order now values”, we panic just a little inside. We worry, “Oh great! Will this item import to us at its usual speed? Will the same packaging components be available as usual?” Sometimes the answers are disappointing, but we are problem solvers! We can temporarily substitute accessories and value-added items in our lash kits without compromising the true value of the Luxury Lashes & Magic Liners.

Shipping times may be affected, but even with the unexpected growth in our order volume, we have been able to print, pack and ship orders in a very timely manner. The shipping times themselves, though, may change. Please watch your tracking numbers, as shipping speeds have varied greatly. Everyone is doing their best in unique circumstances. At the time of writing this blogpost, Lash-Attraction has temporarily suspended international (all non-US) transactions, as the international shipping has been the most dramatically impacted.

As beauty consumers have been restricted from seeing their service providers - like lash artists - Lash-Attraction has seen unique market opportunity and an exponential growth increase - what a WONDERFUL problem to face!

While competing brands are using a lack of lash extensions as a marketing gimmick, we are helping the lash industry by supporting them in an easy access partnership program. No other brand to date is offering Eyelash Extension professionals and Salon Owners the opportunity to feed their families and serve their clientele in the same fashion.

If you are purchasing your Lash-Attraction Luxury Lashes and Magic Liners from your “lash person”, please continue to do so, and tell a friend. Spread the word! Small businesses such as those in the beauty service industry have seen little to no aid - whether in commercial lease forgiveness, unemployment or PPP promises. You are keeping them afloat by circulating YOUR economic power their way.

When salons and spas can open again and offer intimate services like eyelash extensions, not everyone will get an immediate appointment. Buying your gorgeous Lash Attraction lashes from your Lash Artist or favorite Salon will help you look gorgeous while helping them to tackle the next hurdle in the Covid-19 crisis for their business - how to get you all your magical lash nap and bespoke lash extensions stylings in an orderly, safe manner. Salon service providers will not be able to see as many clients per day, as unique sanitation requirements will be employed to protect everyone involved.

We have been so very proud to position ourselves to deliver innovative, gorgeous lash products with no magnets and no icky glues to lashionistas everywhere. Now we are just as proud to have been able to support - instead of compete with - the Lash Industry and Beauty Service Providers without direct marketing schemes - just an honest, old fashioned and truly rare partnership.

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