• Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

Let COLORED Lashes make your makeup look this Halloween!

Do you LOVE Halloween? We do!

Make your Halloween makeup NEXT LEVEL AMAZING by adding lashes. But why stop at just lashes? How about COLORED LASHES? STENCILED LASHES? METALLIC LASHES? Let us share our insider's tip to colorizing your favorite lash style for a special makeup look: add pops of metallic or colorful punch with oil paint markers! Get them at your local craft shop, or order them online, but HURRY! Halloween is right around the corner!

Here are some pro tips to achieve amazing effects and keep the oil paint (permanent) off your clothes, tabletops and manicures!

* Line your tabletop with a layer of saran wrap or work on a piece of cardboard, topped with white paper *Shake and prime the pump of your oil pen markers per the manufacturer's suggestions (use the far edges of the cardboard or paper to test the pens)

*Try colorizing (or adding bling with metallic pens) on one side only (touch the other side up with black if your colors get on the other side accidentally).

*Dressing as Harlequin or Pierrot? Tape off or stencil diamond shapes on the black lashes in white or silver!

*Add color to the tips and glue on tiny nail art gems or flatback rhinestones

*Let your colorized lashes dry for 10 minutes and then brush through with a clean, dry mascara brush

Our MAGIC LINER works with many brands of false eyelashes, so you don't have to struggle with that smelly, messy, SCARY latex lash glue ever again!

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