• Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

So How Does This Magic Liner & Lash thing work??

Since our SURPRISE launch at the Arizona Ultimate Women's Expo, October 12, 2019, people have been asking us, "How does it work?" The answer is so simple, that it really is MAGIC (and patented!) But to be clear - there is NO GLUE involved, and these are NOT MAGNETS. This is just very cool polymer chemistry in play.

Our luxury lashes bond to the magic liner the exact same way a vinyl window cling stays on a window. The ingredients of our Lash-ATTRACTION MAGIC LINER formulate to create a flexible surface similar to a vinyl window cling. There is no stickiness (or adhesive) involved, but the vinyl "sticks" to the glass! Some say, by static cling, but that is incorrect thinking. As you press the band of our Lash-ATTRACTION Lashes to the applied liner, a suction is created that withstands gentle handling, wears all day - and even stands up to washing with soap and water! (Please check out our IGTV video HERE)

MAGNETIC lashes work in a different way altogether (and there are no magnets on these, as you can plainly see when you examine your lashes). Up until recently, two lash strips - an upper layer with tiny magnets and a lower layer with tiny magnets - would hold together while encasing your natural lashes - a magnetic lash sandwich! In the last year, Magnetic Lashes have been sold with a gel or liquid eyeliner containing iron oxides. You apply the liner, let it dry, and the magnets are drawn to the iron in the eyeliner. This was (and is!) game changing, but the beauty game is constantly changing and evolving. Now there is no need for magnets, as a patented pen-style eyeliner (much easier for newbies to apply than liquid liner) is on the scene! Lash-ATTRACTION is proud to be an early player, bringing it to market first in the USA.

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