• Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

The INSTANT Instagram Queen Look

You've been getting your lash extensions done faithfully - following all the instructions like "no picking or pulling", "keep 'em clean" and more. MORE is the key word - you still want MORE. Your skilled, responsible Lash Artist is giving you as much "Mega Volume" as your natural lashes can safely bear...

But you crave MORE...

Lash-ATTRACTION Magic Lashes & Liner is lash extension friendly! They were brought to market by a trusted source in the lash extension education realm.

If ever there were a time you CANNOT get your lash extensions filled - or as in our crazy quarantine Covid year, your lash artist could not open their doors for business... or when you just simply need MORE LASH - we've got you!

Add your favorite style to your lash extension look for INSTANT INSTAGRAM-worthy GLAM! Cut a lash strip in the middle to add to the outer half only or fill in any gaps with the illusion of a million lashes.

As long as you use the Lash-Liner-Magic Remover to gently soften the bond of lash to liner, you can remove your Lash-ATTRACTION lashes (and any other eye, brow or lip makeup) gently and quickly. It has one simple, safe ingredient - and it even works on waterproof makeup and indelible lip color!

Pro tip: dispense one pump of remover onto the back of your just-washed and dried hand. Use the angled end of our "Broolie Brush" to dab on the remover along the bond line (where lash band meets the eyeliner on your skin). Let it sit and soften the bond while you dab onto the other eye and use the remainder to whisk off any brow or lip makeup. After being in place to do its work for about 20 seconds, your lashes will lift off your delicate eyelid skin easily. Dab any remaining remover to remove residual eyeliner. Always follow up with a gentle cleanser -

try our Lash-Liner-Magic Foaming Cleanser - it's awesome!

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