One simple, super effective ingredient that will gently remove your magnetic lashes and clean away all traces of liner. Use one drop on a cleansing brush, flocked wand or cotton bud to soften the lash-liner bond and remove lashes from the eyelid and clean each eye. A little goes a long way! Oil-free, fragrance free and safe for all skin types. (This also removes lipstick and waterproof foundation - even indelible lip colors.) This is a must-have product! Contains no D4, D5 or D6. EU and UK-compliant - manufactured exclusively for Lash Attraction by Lash FX® 5ml /.175 ounce


  • INGREDIENT:                                                                        Hydrogenated Polyisobutene Dimethicone

    Our NEW Lash-Liner-Magic Lash and Liner remover is a thicker viscosity, delivered in an airless pump container. It's easier to control, allowing a drop to go further in its usage.

    Still soothing, still gentle - our new eye makeup remover also conditions while cleansing. Removes all traces of eye makeup, including stubborn mascara, without causing irritation. Complies with all EU and UK criteria for a safe and effective eyemakeup remover.

    Clean one eye at a time. Close eye. Apply a small amount to the eyelid area to be cleansed. We recommend using our "Broolie" Cleansing & Blending Brush slanted brush end to apply along the lashband-liner junction. Give it a few seconds to soften the bond and remove the lash from your eye. Continue to quickly, gently whisk away all traces of Magic Eyeliner from your eyelid. The brush hairs get in between every lash for effective and thorough cleansing. LASH-LINE-MAGIC Remover can be used to remove other makeup as well. 

    If LASH-LINE-MAGIC Remover gets into the eyes, flush the eyes with water. Take personal responsibility to use this product safely and as intended. Keep away from children. If any irritation presents, stop using this product. If irritation persists, seek appropriate medical attention.

  • Lash-ATTRACTION products are personal care/cosmetic items and may not be returned or exchanged after being opened or worn. We will certainly make an exception if product arrives dammaged or defective. Please inspect your shipment immediately and contact us within 30 days if anything is broken or missing, using our website contact form. We will contact you ASAP for clarity and with possible return instructions. If a return is authorized, it may be at your expense, depending on the issue resolution we think is best. We do not offer refunds or offer exchanges, if not contacted within 30 days of the noted postal delivery.